And here, I give you the map to the maze of my mind, thoughts and over analytical way of thinking, and to some of the muse that allows me to breathe
NY.Self Made [transman]. Hardcore. Tattoos. Menswear. And other brilliant things

Hey guys/gals,

as I continue to bulk/transition I’m slowly growing out of some of my old clothes, my question to you is would anyone be in need of any before I donate/sell them?

—They’re all pretty masculine as far as that goes and range between Small/Mediumsand Pants 29 and 30s inseam and waist. I’m a fairly small/slim guy in terms of style anything ranging from Urban Outfitters/Pacsun/Zumiez/American Eagle/More as far as the style of the clothes shoot me a message and I can send you some pics(until I upload a set, hopefully soon)

—Most of them are almost brand new if not even worn at all/still have tags.

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